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Do you know what borers are? They are pests that damage the wood in homes, strike old furniture such as flooring, bearers, joists, roofing timbers, and functional timbers. If anywhere in your regular sight you find borer dirt, escape holes, and the grass in your workplace or resident, it is a definite sign that your wood has been occupied by borers. Especially, pine wood furniture and floors are badly damaged by borers.

The tiny pests known as borers develop inside the wood, chew their passage out, and contribute to the weakening and complete breakage of furniture. It is quite evident the amount of damage they cause to your expensive furniture, which says borer control in Perth, is crucial.

Why choose us?

Amaze Pest Control Perth is a leading company that helps borer control in Perth by providing complete services for borer removal. Our professionals always use the best techniques to make your home and workplace completely termite-free.

The most effective way for borer removal from your property is to use a licensed Borer Control Perth service. Our qualified and tested specialist will provide rational and effective solutions tailored to your requirement for pest management.

Before conducting any treatment, we ensure possible breeding grounds and accordingly recommend measures that need to be taken. When a wood borer infestation is left unchecked, it can grow into a serious issue, such as destroying hardwood floors, doors, and furniture.

Thus, to reduce infestation, an appropriate technique of sanitation and waste for pest removal is needed. Usually, the wooden borers quickly spread from a polluted piece to the rest of your furniture, so better take actions to prevent these termites from expanding.

Home remedies can treat only the surface, so the problem of the borer spreads remains completely unnoticed. Therefore, it is always recommended to take advantage of a professional Borer Control Perth technician. DIY can help you only to a certain degree. However, if the attack is serious, it won’t help you. We provide you with assured facilities without harm to your furniture. Call us today!

How borer can cause harm to your health and economy?

Borers generally dwell in the woods. The following are among the impact that borers have on people and their livelihoods:

  • Borers attack the wooden fittings, wood floors, sapwood, and infect them.
  • They can lead the structural timber to be affected.
  • Inside wood holes, they lay their eggs.
  • Many borer species prefer to target bamboo and wood with a strong taste of starch, such as wood, ash, walnut mahogany, etc.
  • They also affect some popular solid wood products like windows and door frames, paneling, and plywood.
  • Additionally, a few of the species infest trees, vascular bundles, lower limbs of trees besides harming urban and rural areas.
  • Moreover, some borer species serve as a secondary host and feed on rotting timber.
  • Agriculture and forestry are attacked by one of his species, which can often trigger forest fires.
  • In storage and transport, fungi damage the wood and spoil it.
  • Borer Outbreak Detection

All kinds of pest control services that we provide to our clients are as follows:

  • Ant Control
  • Bees Control
  • Bird Control Nesting
  • Bedbugs Control
  • Borer Control Perth
  • Cockroach Control
  • Flea Control
  • Moth Control
  • Possum Removal
  • Pest Control Toorak
  • Rodent Control
  • Termite Control
  • Spider Control
  • Wasp Control
  • Silverfish Control

To remove all kinds of pests from your house completely, you need a lot of expertise and experience, and we at Amaze Pest Control Perth have that with us. We understand how dangerous it can be when your property is surrounded by pests and so we provide high-quality Borer Control Perth services.

Our technicians are well-qualified and trained to treat all kinds of pests. Also, for your family’s safety, it’s important to clean and sanitize the entire area after the pest control procedure is done. Moreover, for the convenience of the clients, we offer an emergency pest control service. Feel free to reach us. To book an appointment you can call us at the number mentioned on our website.

At Amaze Pest Control Perth, we understand how important it is for the safety of you and your family, and thus we offer reliable Borer Control Perth services. Further, our technicians are trained to do more than you can do by yourself. Being in the pest control industry for more than decades has made us comprehend the requirements of clients and offer customized pest control services to get the desirable results. Give us a call and get the most effective Borer Control Perth services.


1. How to recognize a borer pest in my house?

There are many ways through which you can get to know that there borer pests in your house, such as tone ticking, dropouts, fungus existence tunnels presence, existence of holes in flights, dead beetles existence, and timber crumbling. As soon as you notice these signs you can contact our professionals to help you provide borer control in Perth.

2. Which places in my home do I need to look to detect pests?

Yes, you can detect these pests by noticing different signs, especially in places like decaying furniture, moisture in the room, foot or chair leg crossing, roof joints and floorboards, window sides, poor floor tiles, holes under the carpet, etc.

3. How do these pests look like?

The pests usually appear to be white and round. They are larvae or worm-like creatures of different species.

4. Which effective methods can help control borer control at my place?

Prior to actually starting any of the pest control strategies, retain some variables in mind. If an infestation is severe, you must consider these main procedures like surface treatments, treating the spot, using repellents, maximum temperature, and sterilization

5. Are the borer control services costly in Perth?

Some of the pest control methods are costly and complicated. Only licensed pest control services like borer control in Perth can be pocket-friendly for you. We at Amaze Pest Control Perth provide affordable pest removal services in a timely manner.

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