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Possums are those innocent-looking creatures that reside in the forest. They can cause a wreck in your house; hence you should contact Amaze Pest Control Perth! We are the best possum catcher in Perth. We identify the entrance point of possums, remove them and keep a regular check on your area. Our services are so reliable that you don’t need to get involved with court actions.

Our wildlife act prevents certain animals; hence our possum removal Perth happens healthily. All our services come with clear prices, there aren’t any hidden charges. We offer emergency, same-day, effective and safe services of possum removal Perth. We can deal with every kind of possum living in your suburban house.

Immediately contact Amaze Pest Control Perth when you notice possum living in your residential or commercial building. Our professionals are always ready for your help. Experience the best and most reliable possum removal services in Perth from Amaze Pest Control Perth. Just give us a call and schedule your possum removal services now!

Why choose us?

  • Our services are quick and effective
  • We provide emergency and same-day services
  • Your pets and kids are taken care of during our service execution
  • We have decades of experience in possums removal
  • We adopt advance and specialized tools for pest control
  • We provide high customer satisfaction and guaranteed results
  • Our professionals are highly qualified and possess the necessary license and certifications
  • We cover both urban and suburb areas of Perth
  • Our experts are well-trained and knowledgeable

Facts to know about Possum

  • As per research, possum feces contain dangerous germs that can cause ulcers.
  • Direct exposure to possum excretion can cause affect the functionality
  • Killing possum is a crime in Perth, hence you should seek professional help for its removal.
  • Possum acts dead by lying on the floor
  • These creatures stand on their feet and show their jawline when displaying their defensive side.
  • Possums can be dangerous as they are agile in nature.

What attracts Possum?

  • Camphor Leaf: Possum loves feeding on camphor leaves, roses, and passion fruit.
  • Hollow trees: If your premise has hollow trees, it is likely to attract possums. For resting and building a nest, possum searches for hollow trees.
  • Boxes: When the numbers of hollow trees are lesser in the area, possum start residing in nest boxes.
  • Night hours: Possum remains active during the night as they search for food. While they spend their daytime sleeping in the nest.

What possum doesn’t like?

  • Strong smell: Possum cannot tolerate the smell of mint, margarita, or geraniums.
  • Light: These creatures cannot withstand any kind of light, whether it is sunlight, reflectors, or torchlight.
  • Traps: Possums don’t like getting away from their territory. Moving possum is difficult.

Signs that calls for possum removal in Perth

  • Possum feeds on vegetables and fruits. If you have plants in your backyard in damaged condition, consider this a sign of possums.
  • Possums roam around during the night, and they release a high-pitch sound as a form of communication.
  • These rodents release stinking smells. When you notice such events seek help from Amaze Pest Control Perth.
  • They leave marks wherever they go using their paws and tail. These marks are signs of their presence on your premises.
  • The eyes of possum shine, so you can look for them in the night for confirming their existence.
  • Possum sharpens their teeth on plants or logs. When you notice bite marks on your furniture then consider it as a sign of their presence.

What to do when you spot possum?

  • Find the source of entrance and block it, so possum cannot enter your house.
  • Possum marks their territory with their smell. So, when you notice the presence of rodents, clean and sanitize the area so no odor is left.
  • Try to light up the place, as possum cannot withstand lighted areas.
  • Cut the branches of trees that reach your rooftop.
  • The best time for repairing and spotting possum is during dawn and dusk.

Unique services of Possum removal Perth

At, Amaze Pest Control Perth possum removal is executed while following all the safety measures. Our services include:

  • Location and removal of a dead possum
  • Trapped Possum removal from roof
  • Sealing and restricting entry points
  • Rat removal services
  • Possum removal from chimney
  • Safe and environment-friendly possum removal services

Dead Possum Removal services in Perth

Possums are an endangered species, that bother residents by destroying their gardens and belongings, but killing them is a criminal offense. Mostly, possum dies as a result of eating rodent baits or remaining stuck. Sometimes, finding the carcass of possum becomes difficult.

These rodents aren’t like raccoons, whose carcass releases the foul smell. So, when you notice even the slightest of their presence, feel free in calling Amaze Pest Control Perth for help.

Our professionals remain available 24×7 for our customers. We adopt the safest methods for dead possum removal. We use the most effective tools and cleaning agents for getting rid of possum in Perth.

Same-day and Emergency Possum Catcher Perth

We, Amaze Pest Control Perth provide same-day and emergency possum removal services in Perth.  We thoroughly inspect and make your commercial and residential premises free from the possum. Our methods are safe for possum removal.

Our priority lies in the high satisfaction of the customers. That’s why all our services are super affordable and performed by highly qualified professionals.

We understand the trouble possum causes. But, don’t stress out, just give us a call and avail of the best possum removal services in Perth!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does possum come from?

Possums reside in a forest, but can easily enter your building and destroy everything on its path.

2. Do you serve commercial clients?

Yes. Amaze Pest Control Perth provides services to both residential and commercial clients in Perth.

3. How frequently should I get services for Possum Removal Perth?

You should avail of possum removal services whenever you spot these rodents living inside your premises.

4. Are your possum removal services effective?

Yes. At Amaze Pest Control Perth, we adopt the most advanced method and equipment to remove a possum from your premises.

5. Do you provide emergency services?

Yes. We provide possum removal services around the year. Our emergency and same-day services are available for customers all across Perth.

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