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Fleas can quickly become a nuisance and a cause of discomfort for both humans and pets in Perth. These tiny, parasitic insects feed on the blood of mammals, including cats, dogs, and even humans. Flea infestations can lead to itchy bites, skin irritation, and the transmission of diseases. If you’re facing a flea problem, it’s crucial to take immediate action to eliminate these pests and prevent their reinfestation. Professional flea control services in Perth offer effective solutions to eradicate fleas and provide long-lasting relief. They employ specialized techniques and treatments to target fleas at all stages of their life cycle, ensuring thorough elimination and the protection of your home and beloved pets. With their expertise, you can regain a flea-free environment and peace of mind.

When it comes to professional flea control in Perth, trust the experts to handle your infestation effectively. Our team of trained professionals offers reliable and comprehensive flea extermination services to ensure a flea-free environment in your home or business.

Why is Flea Control in Perth Essential?

Although fleas cannot bite humans, they can cause irritation on our skin. As per a study, it is observed that female fleas are larger than male fleas. Also, they have hair and spines, pointing backward with thorny legs. Through these features, they can easily hide in the fur of animals as well as jump from one to another.

A flea infestation can become problematic when there are pets everywhere. The coolest way to of flea control in Perth is when you notice the pets scratching their bodies more than usual. The allergic reactions and discomfort become a concern; thus direct Flea Control Perth is essential.

Why choose us?

You can observe fleas anywhere; even from your garden. Their victim animals are warm-blooded to feast upon. If a flea bites a human it can cause irritation and discomfort, however, fleas biting your pets can be worse. A flea bite is a red or brown mark, which is less swollen as compared to other insect bites, in humans. The two most popular types of fleas are Cat fleas and Dog Fleas. Dog Fleas will look only for dogs and rabbits, whereas the Cat Fleas may infect cats, dogs, and a few other animals.

At Amaze Pest Control Perth, our professionals help protect you and your pets from flea bites by providing Flea Control Perth services. It is always best to hire our professionals to get rid of flea infestation. We are a leading flea control expert in Perth, offering you complete treatment and removal of fleas from your homes and your pets. Our certified and qualified pest technicians have vast experience in treating different types of flea species through biodegradable methods. Give us a call and let us deliver your respective Flea Control Perth accordingly.

How to recognize flea bites?

  • Look for flea droppings, which may be red or black, either on carpets or sitting areas. If you notice small dirt-like particles, take those in wet tissue and observe if there are rings of blood.
  • Fleas bite cats around the neck and head, whereas, fleas bite dogs at their hind portion of the body.
  • Also, you must look if there are any pupae, larvae, and eggs in your garden and all the areas your pet leaves its mark.
  • Get into combating the problem immediately once you get to know a flea infestation. Flea control and removal is a difficult task. It becomes challenging as the adult fleas are very small in size and can endure without eating for days. Hence, before it’s too late hire a professional Flea Control Perthservice provider.

What are common types of fleas on your Property?

There are two main common types of fleas:

Cat Flea

  • Cat fleas live within the cats and rabbit’s fur and feed on their blood
  • These kinds of fleas have long thin legs through which they jump here and there
  • They mostly dwell in the places where cats usually rest like the cat baskets, carpets, or boxes

Dog Flea

  • Adult Dog Flea dwells in dogs’ fur and survives on their warm-blood.
  • These Fleas can often bite humans as well.
  • Dog Fleas are brown and can become reddish-black after a meal.
  • Dog flea larvae are off-white in colour and can measure up to 5mm. They may even vary from 1mm to 4 mm in length.

Amaze Pest Control Perth Because Your Children, family, and Pets Deserve Better:

  • We help to prevention from fleas with Flea Control Perth. Below are some ways to prevent it.
  • Our experts’ vacuum carpets, cracks, rooms, crevices, and furniture with upholstery.
  • Create a temperature of 50-degree centigrade or even above to kill fleas and bugs, especially in places where they breed.
  • While disposing of the vacuum packet outside and away from your home.
  • We make use of a very effective eco-friendly treatment is to kill fleas to ensure your and your family’s safety. Also, we effectively dehydrate fleas’ bodies and destroying them at once.
  • To avail of Amaze’s Pest Control Perth services, get in touch with us. Our expert team will help you provide services of pest and flea control in Perth at affordable prices.

You can choose Amaze Pest Control Perth for specialties like:

  • 24/7 Emergency services available
  • Use biodegradable and safe products
  • Same-Day Services
  • Instant Customer Support Services
  • 100% Client Satisfaction


1. Can fleas fly from one dog to another dog?

Yes, pets may pick fleas from the neighbour’s pet or a stray animal. Flea infestation happens very easily and thus regular checks are necessary to ensure that your pet is not suffering from one.

2. Are fleas harmful to humans?

Fleas may not be harmful to humans. However, if they bite you it might be possible that you get allergies like swollen mouth, face, hands, or lips, and breathing problems. In extreme cases, it may even cause headaches, nausea, and fever.

3. What are the common types of fleas that can be noticed in surroundings?

Cat Flea and Dog Flea are  two main common types of fleas that target mostly warm-blooded animals.

4. What attracts fleas the most?

Fleas mostly get attracted to warm and humid places, and warm-blooded animals.

5. My cat has fleas, what should I do?

You must provide professional treatment to your cat. It will ensure complete flea removal from your cat’s body and its scratching condition will die out.

6. What should I do to control fleas in my house?

Regular vacuuming of your house can help control. But we always recommend hiring a professional Flea Control Perth service as it will help to solve the flea problems for a longer period.

7. Why killing adult fleas is not the solution to get rid of them?

Killing the adult fleas won’t be beneficial because they are only 5% of the total. We also need to kill pupae, larvae, and eggs to avoid its spread.

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