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Are you tired of the constant appearance of rodents in your home or office? Are you threatened by the fact they are living in the same apartment as yours? Then, all you need is professional services to seal this problem permanently. Amaze Pest Control Perth is a popular company known for the best services of rodent pest control in Perth. Our professionals are skilled, trained and have years of experience in the field. In Addition to rodent control treatment, we also offer sanitization services to keep your home or office safe from the COVID -19 virus.

Rodents are of three types:

  • Brown Rat
  • Mouse
  • Garden Rodent

We at Amaze Pest Control Perth have advanced tools and machines to eliminate the risk of rodents at your residential or commercial site. We use safe chemicals to get rid of pests.

Why Hire Us for Rodent Control in Perth?

Amaze Pest Control Perth understands the value of customer’s health and hygiene. Therefore, we use a standard procedure, green chemicals and safe techniques for the rodent control treatment. Here are some more reasons to hire us:

  • 100% result guarantee
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Available all day, all night
  • Cameras for inspection
  • Experienced and skilled technicians

So, call us today and get hassle-free services of rodent control in Perth. We are more than happy to be there for you. Talk to our experts and be ready to get a home or office without rodents.

Why Get Rid of Rodents?

  • Rodents can damage your property, precious assets and can cause threats to your overall safety.
  • Rats can also cause a fire by destructing the electrical wires.
  • At night or when you are not in sight, the rats eat your food and contaminate it with their hair, urine and faeces. It can cause a major issue to your health.
  • By gnawing, chewing and burrowing they damage your assets like furniture, books, electrical wires as well as appliances.
  • Moreover, rats can cause health threats like hantavirus, Leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, Salmonellosis, infectious jaundice, Typhus, bubonic plague and Pulmonary fever.
  • Rodents can damage grain mills, silos, corn cribs and warehouses.

How To Identify a Rodent Infestation?

If you are even an average observant, you can identify rodent infestation at your home or office. Here are some signs of rodent that will help you to keep an eye on the rodents and treat the infestation:

Tracks and Runways

Rodents make their way through dirt, dust or mud. Most of the time, these rodents leave the mark of their dirty tail all around the area. Their tracks and runways are easy to track and identify. They follow similar ways to come to your kitchen every day.


The sight of rodent droppings in your counters, kitchen, and cabinet area can be the cue for rodent infestation at your place.

Bites on your assets

Rodents or rats have a habit of chewing everything around. So, if you observe a bite or damage on your assets then it can be the work of rats. Also, they cause holes in walls, cupboards, counters, bathtubs, ceilings and so on.

Rodent urine stain

Rodent urine stain is easily visible in the light. So, if you have a spot urine stain then you must take an action to get rid of rodents.

The sight of dead or live rodents

If rats are unable to consume food, they hunt low ranked rats and kill them during the daytime. This can lead to dead rats or the rats that are hunting for other rats.


One can easily smell the bad odour of rat urine, stains or body odour.

Half-eaten food

You may find half-eaten food in your kitchen. You can also spot cracked food contentment.

Rodent noises

Rodents make noises when they are hunting food or other rodents. It is very easy to recognise their noises.


Rodents are highly skilled in burrowing. You may easily track holes in the ground, walls, woodpiles, vegetation, ditches, concrete slabs and fences.

Nests and Grease Marks

Rodents leave grease marks because they have oily fur. Also, you can track their nests in garages, basements, roof voids and closets.

If you have observed any of the above-mentioned signs, then it is high time for you to call Amaze Pest Control Perth. Once we reach your place, we will treat the infestation effectively. Call us today and get same-day services for rodent control in Perth.

Book Rodent Infestation Inspection Service Today

If you have spot rodents or their infestation at your home, you can book an inspection service. Here is what you will gain from this service:

  • Our experts will inspect your place for infestation.
  • We will take safety measures.
  • Then, our professionals will recommend a way to get rid of these nasty rodents.

Rodents can ruin your peace and make you feel miserable in your place. It is better to get rid of them as soon as possible. Call our expert services right away and save your and your loved one’s health.


1. Do dead rats cause any health threats?

Yes, dead rats are associated with several health threats such as rite-bite fever and other fatal diseases.

2. How to get rid of bad odour caused by rats?

To get rid of the bad odour, you can use home remedies but the best way is to call professionals. Our staff at Amaze Pest Control Perth eliminate the bad odour caused by rats and treat rodent infestation safely.

3. Do you provide instant rodent control in Perth?

Yes. Our services are instant. You can call us at any hour of the day. We provide emergency and same-day services.

4. What if I have found a dead rat at my home?

If you have found a dead rat, call professionals to get rid of it. We have experts to remove dead rats and make your place safe.

5. How can I keep my food safe from rodents?

You can store your food in plastic or glass containers, empty the kitchen, wash the dishes before going to sleep. These hacks will keep your food safe.

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