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Wherever there are humans, there are pests. No matter which part of the world you are from, pests have always surrounded human civilizations since times unknown and have always caused much damage to health and property. Hence, it is very important to keep a strong check on the pest population at your house and property so that you can live a life of peace in a healthy and disease free environment.

If you are living in the Guildford area, Amaze Pest Control Perth is your ideal choice with the best pest control experts in Guildford. From ant infestations to rodents, from cockroaches to wasps, Amaze Pest Control Perth is your one stop solution for all your pest control needs.

The importance of pest control Guildford services

Pests are well known for their disease spreading capabilities and act as carriers of numerous germs, viruses and allergens that could lead to many kinds of physical health disorders. For example, pests like Mosquitoes can cause viral fever, dengue, malaria, etc., while flies can contaminate food and lead to stomach problems and so on. Apart from causing physical health damage to humans, pests are also a destroyer of property and can lead to the damage of your assets. Rodents like rats and mice for example, chew carpets, clothes, furniture, walls, etc. They also chew part of electrical wire which could lead to electrical short circuits and lead to fire hazards.

So no matter which part of the world you are based in, it is always important to keep your house and property free from these harmful and dangerous creatures by hiring the services of professional pest control experts in Guildford.

Services offered by Amaze Pest Control Perth –

We offer a range of pest control services to tackle all kinds of pests. Our Guildford Pest Control Services are –

Wasp Control

Possum Control

Flea Control

Dead Pest Removal

Silverfish Control

Bees Control

Spider Control

Cockroach Control

Bed Bugs Removal

Rodent Control

Moth Control

Borer Control

Ant Control

Bird Nesting Control

Residential Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Same Day End-of-lease Pest Inspection

Emergency Pest Control

Why choose Amaze Pest Control Perth

Keeping quality service and safety as our primary concerns, we offer all kinds of professional pest control services in Guildford to help you prevent the spread of diseases and infections as well as create a clean, hygienic and healthy living environment for you. It is our constant endeavour to provide you with pest control with the utmost precision and guarantee your satisfaction.

There are various reasons that make us the most preferred local pest control in Guildford. Apart from being a reputed pest management company, we offer tailored pest control solutions that are best suited to your needs and requirements.

  • 24*7 pest control booking appointments.
  • We work round the clock, seven days a week and even on public holidays.
  • We are one of the most affordable pest control companies in Guildford.
  • All our trainers are certified, highly trained and possess the required skills, knowledge and experience to deliver high quality output with guaranteed results.
  • We use only verified, low toxic, safe and eco friendly products to guarantee the safety of your family and environment.
  • We are trusted with 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We use the most modern and up to date technology and equipment to deliver maximum results.
  • We have an experience of over 20 years in this field and have served thousands of happy customers.

If you are looking for local pest control in Guildford then feel free to call us and get an obligation-free quote.

Emergency pest control services

At Amaze Pest Control Perth, our pest controllers are highly trained to tackle any kind of emergency pest issues with rapid response. With our same day pest control services, our Guildford pest control experts will reach your premises on the same day of placing the initial call and tackle your urgent pest problems in the most convenient and hassle free manner. We also provide end of lease same day services with complete reporting so that you can easily get your deposit refund from your landlord.

Our methods and treatments

With over twenty years of experience in this field and serving thousands of happy customers with 100% satisfaction, our treatments and methods are completely safe, government approved and trusted completely by our clients. We use different kinds of methods and treatments for different kinds of pest infestations. It should be kept in mind that every pest species is different and the same method that works for one may not work for some other kinds of pest infestations. Some of the common treatment methods and processes used by professional pest control services in Guildford are –

Physical Treatment: physical pest control methods are the methods that use different kinds of physical pest removal equipment and techniques like traps, baits, nets, meshes, etc.

Chemical Treatment: chemical pest control involves the use of chemicals and materials such as pesticides, insecticides, etc., and are most effective for small and tiny pests which are hard to catch such as flies, mosquitoes, etc. Chemical pest control should be done with proper precautions and knowledge as these materials and products are quite poisonous and dangerous in nature.

Biological Treatment: biological treatment is a method where we introduce other biological organisms which are by nature enemies to the targeted pests. For example, introduce cats to eliminate rodents like rats and mice, etc.

Fumigation: fumigation uses several kinds of lethal gases to eliminate pests. This happens in closed chambers.

Temperature Treatment: in this method, we regulate the temperature of the infested area in a way that makes it impossible for pests to survive and breed.

Hiring professional pest control services instead of DIY.

DIY or do-it-yourself methods may seem to be cheaper and more cost effective and many people tend to opt for this method of pest control. However, it should be kept in mind that DIY methods are short-term methods that may not be as effective as professional services. Also, DIY pest control can be dangerous for health because the chemicals and products that are used in pest control are highly poisonous in nature. Hence, using these products improperly without proper knowledge and experience may lead to a variety of health risks. And since the problem is not killed from its roots, there are high chances of recurring pest infestations in the future. So, it is always advisable to hire professional pest control services in Guildford like Amaze Pest Control Perth and ensure a hassle free and effective pest management service.
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We advise that you should do a pest control treatment on a quarterly basis. This regular inspection and monitoring will not only keep pests away from your property for a long time but also make sure that there are no ignored or unchecked pest infestations in even the most hidden corners of your house and property.
Approximately it takes around two to four hours for the chemicals to dry. We advise occupants to stay away from the treated area during that time and avoid touching anything in that area as they can pose health threats if inhaled or touched.
There are some basic preparations that you must make before the pest control teams arrive so that the experts can do their work well. Some of the steps which are simple yet very important before undertaking pest control treatment are covering your food and water in the kitchen and vacating the area which is to be treated. For any other specific pre-requirements, your service provider will guide you on that.
This happens because it takes some time for the treatment to show its full effects. Often pests run helter-skelter to get away from the poisonous chemicals and sprays. They may also come out in the open and die. Hence, you will probably see pests moving across or find carcasses of dead pests lying around for some time after the treatment. It may take around 14 - 15 days for the treatment to completely eliminate the pests from the property.

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