Possums are commonly spotted across Australia. These rodents thrive at night and are often found lurking around residential areas in search of food, water and shelter. Many times, these possums die by falling from a height, or after being trapped in a confined space.  

Dealing with a dead possum is a challenging task, and must not be handled at home without professional assistance. It is important to hire professionals for dead possum removal Perth as there are a lot of benefits associated with it. 

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Quick and Easy Solution 

With professional pest control Walliston, you can get rid of the dead carcass quickly and easily. You don’t need to locate the possum, clean up the mess or dispose of the dead animal, all by yourself. 

Just give a call to your local pest control company and schedule an appointment. Within a few hours, you can get instant relief from the lingering odour that stinks up your entire property. 

Expert Knowledge 

Homeowners don’t find dead possums inside their property every day. This indicates the lack of knowledge among the residents regarding the proper handling of the protected species.  

There’s room for mistakes, injuries, and accidents, if you take up the matter into your own hands. Here, when you rely on professionals for pest control services, they offer exemplary services and have expert knowledge that is necessary for removing a dead possum. 

The professionals are well-trained, skilled and knowledgeable in handling all kinds of pest situations. Furthermore, they are also well-aware of the different protected species and carefully handle the disposal and removal of dead possums by following the standard process. 


With a dead possum lying inside your property, it is the safety of you and your loved ones that remain at risk. A dead carcass releases toxic chemicals and can have a strong foul odour with pests lying around. If you have a pet, it can get exposed to greater health problems and infections. 

Apart from health problems, a dead possum can be trapped in heightened places like roofs, trees and ceilings. Attempting dead possum removal at home can be risky as one can easily trip and fall from ladders and get injured. 

Here, when you rely on the professionals, they follow safety measures of wearing gloves, and masks and use appropriate equipment for removing the carcass from complicated places. 

Why Hire Professionals for Dead Possum Removal?

Humane Disposal 

Is there a right way of disposing of dead possums? Yes! Being a protected species in the country, disposing of a dead possum in dustbins and abandoned places is prohibited. You cannot simply pick up the carcass and throw it away. 

Hiring professionals for dead possum removal can help you with the humane disposal of the carcass. The experts gently pick up the dead animal and put it in a disposal bag and dispose of it in designated areas.  


How is hiring professionals for dead possum removal or borer pest control Perth an affordable service? As mentioned above, there are a lot of risks associated with the handling of a dead possum which doesn’t just end in physical harm but also includes unexpected expenses. 

As possums often die being trapped in confined spaces, you may be forced to take down a structure like wall cavities for removing the carcass. Moreover, removing possums using ladders can lead to trip and fall hazards that might land you in a hospital.  

Therefore, it is recommended to go for professional pest control services as they offer safe, effective and affordable solutions. 

Avoid Legal Pool 

Improper handling of a dead possum can land you up in legal pools. Yes! You read that right. Possums are protected animals in Australia and prohibit residents from harming them. 

Calling professionals as soon as you notice a dead possum is important if you want to avoid unnecessary lawsuits and fines. 

Final Words 

Hopefully, now you understand the importance of professional possum removal and pest control companies. To keep your property safe from damages and to avoid unnecessary troubles, and lawsuits make sure to hire the best pest control company as soon as possible! 

Call Amaze Pest Control Perth and get quick and hassle-free possum removal and other pest control services at affordable prices!

Reviewed by: John Smith, Ph.D., MSc

John Smith is a renowned expert in the pest control industry, with over 20 years of experience in the field. He is a licensed pest control professional, and has worked for both commercial and residential clients throughout his career.Throughout his career, John has developed innovative and effective pest control strategies, and has helped countless clients rid their homes and businesses of unwanted pests. He takes pride in his work and is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to his clients as well as providing technical assistance to branch offices and clients throughout Australia.In addition to his professional work, John is an active member of several pest control industry organizations, and regularly contributes to industry publications. He also prepares scientific reports for Ace Pest Control on any changes or updates to government regulations affecting the Pest Control industry.

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